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The Life in Cache Story

Life in Cache came about after the passing of one of our director’s close family members and the many complications and time-consuming situations that followed this event.

All this took place at a time when emotions were running high and the people involved were possibly not thinking as clearly as normal.

This prompted him to look at his own situation and evaluate how complicated it could be if something unexpected happened to him.

We looked for quite some time to find a solution that would assist with a life planning solution without involving law firms and other professionals from the outset.

Financial advisors and the like all offered paper versions of a life planning document; really!

6 years later, this has been one of those business ideas that nearly didn’t make it out of the drawer!

Unable to find a comprehensive secure digital solution we decided to develop one for ourselves!

Life in Cache is a highly secure, digital archive of everything essential, for the people that matter to access should something unexpected happen to you.

Experience shows us that a little preparation can make this difficult time so much easier for others.

Creating a Life in Cache plan is easy and will put everything in one place so your wishes will be delivered seamlessly.

Start by saving some of your information which is easy to access for example ‘Basic Information’ Name, Address, Date of Birth etc

Upload images of your Vital documents and tell people where they are kept; Passport, Driver’s license, Birth certificate etc

‘My Digital World’ has become popular and can include all your Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, Kindles including login details;


–  Social Media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

–  Online subscriptions; Amazon, Spotify, Sky, Netflix, Dropbox and Password managers

–  Wills, Trusts and Life insurance policies

–  Health and medical information

–  Financial accounts and assets

–  Information about your home; bills, suppliers and the renewal dates

–  Final wishes and funeral preferences

–  Advance Directives and DNRs

–  And much more…


Don’t wait! Gather as much information as possible and start creating your Life in Cache plan today.


You can allow access to your Life in Cache plan to the people that matter; your Trustees. 

A Trustee is a person you trust most to share all or some of your Life in Cache plan with giving them access to information at a time that really matters.

You can choose and invite as many Trustees as you wish to help relieve the pressure on any one individual.


Life in Cache is user-friendly and super easy to use!


You can build on it over time, it doesn’t have to all be done in one go.


Access your Life in Cache plan from anywhere in the world 24/7.


Life in Cache


Leaving you to make the most of every day!