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Is Life in Cache cost effective?

Secure, Control & Share…

Life in Cache is a highly secure, digital archive of everything essential, for the people that matter to access should something unexpected happen to you.


Securely archive your Basic Information, Digital World, Important Financial Information, Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance Documents, Financial Assets and much more…

Your information is safe with us;

  • Maximum security – All your essential data and documents are protected by the most advanced and industry-leading technology


  • All information contained within Life in Cache has two levels of encryption using bank-level AES-GCM


  • Not even Life in Cache employees can see your information


  • 2 – Factor authentication – Receive a unique code to your mobile when you log-in (Highly recommended)


  • We regularly audit our security environment to fine tune the protection of your information


REMEMBER – The information you store in Life in Cache will make it easy for the people that matter if something unexpected happens to you.

Don’t allow assets to be overlooked, allow people access to your social media accounts, let people stop regular payments quickly…

We recommend you share your entire Life in Cache plan with at least 2 people you trust the most e.g. a solicitor or legal advisor (this could save them a lot of time and you money) or a family member; your Trustee’s

You can share some or all of your plan with as many Trustee’s as you wish

Enjoy a 30-Day free trial when you sign up. There is no obligation and no credit card information is required to sign up

Following the 30-Day free trial, your data continues to be protected by the latest security technology for just £85 per year


Great value for a service that will ensure no bank account is missed, no life insurance policy is forgotten, no asset is overlooked and will help save your legal team time and you money!

Leaving you to make the most of every day!

Every effort has been made to ensure this article’s accuracy, please be aware no articles on the Life in Cache website constitute legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. If you are in doubt or you act on the content within any of our articles you acknowledge you do so at your own risk. We can not be held responsible and do not accept liability for any damage or loss which may arise as a result of you relying on the information contained within.

For further information please refer to our Terms of Service

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Peace of mind for your family and friends

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Simply fill in the form, press send and an invitation for Life in Cache will be sent.

There is no obligation.

All new sign-ups receive a 30-day free trial to ensure Life in Cache works for them.

Give your friends and loved ones peace of mind!

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Recommend a friend
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