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Jack – Undergraduate at the University of Nottingham.

Being a student, Life in Cache allows me to securely store all of my personal data in one place should I need to access it quickly and remotely. I primarily use LiC to store my login details for email accounts, social media, and university accounts; however, I have also seen the benefit of storing my credentials such as my driving license, passports, and CV. I also store information such as my NI, NHS and passport number that is frequently required on forms as it means I can access this information within a matter of seconds.

Additionally, I can store my student and private accommodation lease agreements in my plan, should I need to refer back to them at any given moment. This is also relevant for my employment information such as P45 documents, working contracts, or any qualification certificates. Starting a Life in Cache plan from such a young age has given me the opportunity to build a secure archive of all of my important information and means I can continuously update my account as I accumulate essential ‘life’ documents.

Moreover, having completed my RYA powerboat level 2 license and my CBT motorbike license, I have stored both these certificates in my Life in Cache plan, should I need to access them from anywhere in the world. LiC allows me to simply upload a pdf copy of my certificates or documents so that my life plan is all in order and up to date.

I have clearly seen the benefits of being able to store all of my information securely in one place as it takes the stress out of having to rummage through piles of paperwork or trying to remember which note you stored your passwords on.

This is why I would definitely suggest Life in Cache to anyone looking to get their ‘life plan’ in order, should they need it to be readily available and remotely accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

I highly recommend this service as it puts my mind at rest that everything is securely kept in one place.


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