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Life in Cache – In support of our friends in Ukraine

Since the development of Life in Cache in 2017, we have been working closely with our contacts in Ukraine to develop and launch our LiC website. Since two of our employees are from Ukraine, we have a particular connection and understanding of what their country is experiencing at the moment, and we send our condolences to anyone who has been affected by the War. However, the resilience and bravery shown by the Ukrainians has been remarkable. 

Our Ukrainian team has been crucial to the technological developments of LiC and we cannot thank them enough for their support and hard work throughout. After long discussions about the future of Life in Cache during these difficult times, we asked our team what the best thing we could do to help their situation? We offered our homes in the UK, financial support, and medical aid but were told in reply that the best thing we could do was to “keep providing us with work” as “although we appreciate the aid we would like to work to earn our money”. This demonstrates the work ethic of the Ukrainians who have continued to work even through these unprecedented circumstances. 

Life in Cache was developed to encourage people of all ages to secure, control & share their life information in one place should they need to access it at any given moment. This has proved promising for our younger users who are using LiC to store all their personal data so that they can access it within a matter of seconds. Key information that has been useful in LiC for this generation are scans of passports and driving licences, NHS number, NI numbers, student accommodation leases and their digital world which has become much bigger than ever expected. These users have seen the benefit of being able to store all of their valuable information in one place so that they can access it from anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. 

The situation in Ukraine has proven that unexpected events can happen anywhere in the world, regardless of your age or economic situation. Therefore, by starting a Life in Cache account you can ensure that the ones who matter know where all your important information is, should something unexpected happen to you. In turn, a LiC account gives you peace of mind, safety, and reliability, leaving you to make the most of your everyday! 

Keep our Ukrainian team busy and start a Life in Cache plan today to ensure all your important information is saved in one safe place.

We remain in support of our Ukrainian friends and our thoughts are with them always.

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